International Solo Festival

Només Ricard

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala Principal (Main Room)


"The pity of tearful eyes does not live in my eyes."
— William Shakespeare


"Només Ricard" (Just Richard, in Catalan) is, above all, a solo that finds its starting point in William Shakespeare's play "The Tragedy of King Richard III". Only one vision of the bloodthirsty and grim world of the play is worked out here: Ricardo's vision. All the other characters appear as puppets manipulated by him, and are only invoked aesthetically or textually. Ricardo is the author, actor, director, and audience of his own twisted creation.


From the immense poverty of an empty stage, the actor takes all the scenic power in his hands. His body transmutes, adapts, recreates itself, fragments itself, is one and many, is everywhere and is nowhere. The minimalism of means is always sought in order to achieve the right scenic effect, the right dose of visual and intellectual stimulus that can place the spectator inside the significant process, creating a direct, intimate and symbolic relationship between the actor and the spectator.


Richard, eager to reign, will launch himself into a ruthless race for the crown, rekindle the flames of war, raze the families of York and Lancaster, and turn England into a slaughterhouse. The rise to the heavens of a true demon and his resounding fall into the most abysmal of hells.


Xavier Torra was born in 1984 in Calaf, Barcelona. He has a degree in Acting - Text Theater from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, and has also completed two years of Acting at the Aules school in Barcelona, completed an intensive course on Shakespeare with Cristina Castillo, and studied Film and Television Acting Techniques with Marc Martínez. She has worked with Elena Fortuny, Vanessa Segura, Martí Viñas, Nicolas Chevallier, Pep Tosar, Joan Castells, Pedro Galiza, Albert Boronat, Marc Chornet, Raimón Molins, Ricard Soler, among others. In 2010, he co-founded the company Proyecto NISU, with which he tours the independent theater circuit in Spain and with which he won the "Escena Simulacro" award, organized by Sala Triángulo in Madrid and the FIB Festival. He also won the best actor award at the Tàrrega and Mataró Theatre Festivals and the best secondary actor award at the Caldes de Montbui Theatre Festival. In 2015, he participated as an actor in the FIS - Festival Internacional de Solos.

Artistic and technical sheet

Based on the play “A Tragédia do Rei Ricardo III” of William Shakespeare
Interpretation and adaptation Xavier Torra
Directed and adapted by Pedro Galiza
Light and sound design Oriol Rufach
Scenic space Josep Latorre
Graphic design Adriana Leites
Motion design Nuno Leites
Photography Nuno Leites and Pedro Galiza
Production Marácula – Associação Cultural


Duration ≈ 1h 10 minutes ● > 16


© Photo Nuno Leites

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