International Solo Festival

O Cisne

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala Principal (Main Room)


"Sixty-eight years old and sick." Biographical synthesis of a defeated and tired actor who, after more than four decades of stage, scenes, mismatches and disappointments, looks back and can see nothing but a wasted life in the service of the leisure of strangers. The acute awareness of the greatness of theater, of its strength, vigor, indispensability and glory, is opposed, in this performance, to the disappointed acceptance of the immense sacrifices that many of its most fervent practitioners are forced to make, fearless dreamers who, in return for their militancy, are rewarded with oblivion. Starting from one of Anton Chekhov's most emblematic one-act plays, "The Swan Song," we travel in the drunken, delirious lyricism of an old, worn-out, bitter, and lonely comedian, a man whose sick imagination makes him relive the great career he did not have. Between invisible companions, sporadic quotes, distorted memories, and unconscionable impulses, a lone man, in a darkened theater, bottle in hand, unleashes himself in words to postpone, a little longer, the inevitable coming down of the curtain.


Tiago Regueiras was born in 1988 in Vila Nova de Famalicão. He is graduated in Theatre-Interpretation by ESMAE/IPP. In 2009, he co-founds the Companhia Teatro Bandido. In 2010, he interned with the Spanish company TAPTC? Teatro, in Mérida. He worked with the company TEatro Ensaio, Pedro Estorninho, António Durães, Juan Carlos Tirado Carroza, Raquel Bazo, among others. He co-founded Marácula in 2013, where he currently works as an actor. In 2015, he participated as an actor in FIS - Festival Internacional de Solos. He is also a speaker at VOZ ON Locuções e Produções Lda, since 2011, and director and director of actors at Baú dos Segredos, from Casa das Artes de Vila Nova de Famalicão, since 2010.

Artistic and technical sheet

From"The Swan Song", "Ivanov" and "The Three Sisters" by Anton Chekhov and "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare
Original idea, translation from the English version by Marian Fell), adaptation and direction Pedro Galiza
Interpretation Tiago Regueiras
Scenic space, light design and costume Pedro Morim
Characterization Crestina Martins
Graphic design Adriana Leites
Motion design e fotografia Nuno Leites
Production Marácula – Associação Cultural

Duration ≈ 40 minutes ● 12+

© Photo Nuno Leites

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