International Solo Festival


Cine-Teatro Garrett, outdoor space (at the entrance)


Dust. An attic with dust. Closets with dust, chests with dust. Books and albums buried in dust. Jewelry boxes with dust. Dresses with dust. Beautiful, old dresses. Mother's, aunts', grandmothers' dresses. And who says dresses, says shoes. And he says jewelry. Earrings. Rings. Necklaces. Beautiful necklaces. Necklaces already forgotten in the dust. Necklaces with memories. So many memories. From the mother. From aunts. From grandmothers. Of the pearl necklaces Mom wore on Sunday, of Grandma's cameo. Of watching him swing on her chest before I closed my eyes and fell asleep with his lullaby...

Dust, memories, and a smile. Of yesteryear.


Crestina Martins was born in 1988 in Harrison, New Jersey. She has a degree in Theatre-Interpretation from ESMAE/IPP and in Circus Arts from Escuela Internacional de Circo y Teatro CAU, in Granada, where she specialized in aerial acrobatics. In 2010, she interned at the Spanish company TAPTC? Teatro, in Mérida. In 2013, she collaborates again with TAPTC? Teatro, as assistant director, for Agusto in Mérida of the International Festival of Classical Theatre. In the same year, she co-founded Maracula, where she currently works as an actress. In 2015, she participated as an aerialist in FIS - Festival Internacional de Solos. Since then, she has worked as an aerialist in several performance companies.

Artistic and technical sheet

Original idea, plastic conception, voice-over and interpretation Crestina Martins
Costume Cármen Regueiras
Soundtrack from the traditional song “Oh Rosinha vem-te comigo" with adaptation and edition by Tiago Regueiras
Guitar Tiago Moreira
Light design Pedro Morim
Graphic design Adriana Leites
Motion design e fotografia Nuno Leites
Production Marácula – Associação Cultural

Duration ≈ 10 minutes ● > 6

© Photo Nuno Leites

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