International Solo Festival

Sapo al Vapor

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Coffee-Concert


In a television studio, a famous chef arrives to delight us with her magnificent recipes. So, in the most extravagant way possible (as it could only be to win the hearts of the masses), we are taught how to cook a very fashionable dish: a modern dictatorship. We admire the metaphoricalization of the basic ingredients and the proper methods for carrying out such a popular recipe.

In an exercise in maximum exposition, our interpreter offers us a simple and raw vision of the political reality of our times where the discussion is not about left and right, but about who manipulates best, who convinces the nuts to voluntarily come out of their shells to be cooked without being noticed.

The naked villainy, knife and bowl, squirming and hysterical, is too obvious. It draws lines too heavily in the sand: on this side the oppressor, on that side the oppressed. No. It's been decades since we buried the sprawling and savage absolutism of a short mustache, a small stripe on the side, a hand in the air, and the hallucinating eyes of someone who shouts at the top of his lungs "I'll invade Poland and then we'll see..."

This is a water that bubbles and boils and burns, but which incites rebellion on the part of those targeted. It is violent water, yes, barbaric, no doubt, backward, xenophobic, imperialist, fascist, that lays millions of souls in their graves and plunges the world into the darkness of the apocalypse, but at least it is honest. It is a clear and transparent water, an effervescent lake of declared and cataloged evil. The tepid water of ignorance that we enter in peace by our own foot, whose temperature rises without us realizing it, and when it boils it is already too late, that is the water where frogs are boiled. Who are exactly like us.


Giselle Stanzione was born in 1989 in Caracas, Venezuela. She holds a degree in Acting / Gesture Theater from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and has attended intensive dance courses taught by Matej Matejka, Guy Nader and Maria Campos. She has worked with Montse Bonet, Sophie Kasser, Joan Cusó, Alfred Cases, Núria Mestres, Álvaro de la Penya, Jordi Ribot, Pere Sais, among others. She has designed and built puppets for Maracula and for Ametlla de Mar's A-Pin group. She co-founded Marácula in 2013, currently working as an actress, production support and logistics. In 2015, she participated as an actress in FIS - Festival Internacional de Solos. She studies Dramatic Body Mime at MOVEO and teaches Latin dance classes in Cerdanyola del Vallès.

Artistic and technical sheet

Original idea, concept, interpretation and voice-over Giselle Stanzione
Dramaturgy Giselle Stanzione e Pedro Galiza
Staging Xavier Torra
Scenic space and light design Pedro Morim
Graphic design Adriana Leites
Video design, motion design and photography Nuno Leites
Production Marácula — Associação Cultural

Duration ≈ 50 minutes ● 12+

© Photo Nuno Leites

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