International Solo Festival

uma forma quase cilíndrica

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala de Ensaios (Rehearsal Room)


"uma forma quase cilíndrica" materializes almost invisible gestures and states that the body carries in an attempt to preserve life. Walking. Collect. Carry. Manage. Use. Solve. Live.

The image of a woman carrying water was the starting point for the process of creating "uma forma quase cilíndrica". The body itself appears in the performance as a transporter of water and states. In this working body, the effort to obtain the essential is recognized, in a daily activity that, culturally, is often destined for women and is repeated by them throughout their lives, for the benefit of the community. Thus, water is the central and driving matter of the story, along with the objects needed to collect, store, and use it.


Teresa Santos was born in Vila do Conde, in 1985. In 2007, she finished her degree in Dance - Education - at the Escola Superior de Dança of the Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa. She teaches dance in different spaces and educational contexts. As a performer, she participates in projects by Pedro Carvalho, Teresa Prima, Ismael Ivo, Jean Daniel Fricker and Ana Renata Polónia. She is a co-founder of Ventos e Tempestades and

Artistic and technical sheet

Direction, creation and interpretation Teresa Santos
Direction assistance, sound and light design Dídac Gilabert
Production Companhia Ao Vento / Ventos e Tempestades – Associação Cultural
Support Centro Municipal de Juventude de Vila do Conde
Premiere Corrente Alterna – Mostra de Criações Incógnitas, uma co-produção Companhia Erva Daninha e Teatro Nacional São João, 2013

Duration ≈ 30 minutes ● > 12

© Photo João da Cruz

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