International Solo Festival

Adalberto Silva Silva

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala Principal (Main Room)


"Adalberto Silva Silva" - A reality show is the teleprompter of the soul of a Portuguese anti-hero. Adalberto is a loner and a shy, ordinary mortal who falls hopelessly in love with a stranger in the supermarket and tells his story by teleprompter and earpiece, between commercials and interruptions for "spiritual appointments." In this newscast, there are no solemn directs or reports on the birth of pandas in Eastern zoos, but "beautiful moments," "remarkable events," and "cases of crisis and opportunity" are also presented. A playwright whose writing is marked by a taste for mixing up genres, conventions, and languages ("Exactamente Antunes", which TNSJ recently produced, was a veritable feast), Jacinto Lucas Pires now plays with the television format and its tics and tricks. A show created in austere conditions - the result of a meeting between an author and an actor, agents in their own right, without a director, sound designer, costume designer, producer, or company - "Adalberto Silva Silva" is played by Ivo Alexandre, the anchor of this pocket comedy about desire, dreams, and so-called practical problems. It's serious, yes, and it's laughable, all right. For real laughs?


Ivo Alexandre took the acting course at Balleteatro Escola Profissional. As an actor, he worked with directors Jorge Silva Melo, Ricardo Pais, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Luís Miguel Cintra, Nuno Carinhas, Anabela Faustino, Paulo Castro, Carlos Pimenta, Anatoly Praudin, Joaquim Benite, Nuno Cardoso, Marcos Barbosa, Rogério de Carvalho, among others. He has collaborated with several companies such as TNSJ, TNDMII, T.Cornucópia, C.T.Almada, TEP, O Bando, Artistas Unidos, Assédio, Ensemble, Lilástico or QatreL. In staging, highlights include "Mouchette/Colette" by Arne Sierens, "Email" by Jacinto Lucas Pires, with production by Ninguém Teatro or "O Jogo da Salamandra" by Jaime Rocha, with co-production Filigrana Teatro / Casa das Artes de Famalicão. In the cinema he worked with Hugo Vieira da Silva, António-Pedro Vasconcelos, Manuel Pradal, Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra, Jacinto Lucas Pires, Paulo Castro, among others. He participated in several television series such as "Equador", "Liberdade 21", "Lua Vermelha", "Os Nossos Dias" or "Coração D'Ouro".

Artistic and technical sheet

Creation Jacinto Lucas Pires e Ivo Alexandre
Text Jacinto Lucas Pires
Interpretation Ivo Alexandre
Premiere February 23, 2012 at Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente (Coimbra)

Duration ≈ 60 minutes ● > 12

© Photo Ninguém Teatro

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