International Solo Festival

Nymio, teatro… digital

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala de Ensaios (Rehearsal Room)


"Nymio" is not a show, it is five small scenes united by the way they are told: two hands and their fingers. Five pieces that, despite being different, serve as a reflection of the soul of their interpreter, which, in turn, reflects that of the spectator himself. Loneliness, dreams, magic and its vicissitudes, poetry and humor are themes that can be counted on the fingertips. Unimportant stories that, in order to be told, need characters to match, that is, with a minimum of a span. Welcome to the small world of Nymio, a world without much technology that becomes "digital."

"Nymio" is the first performance of "Zero en conducta", a solo of Object Manipulation, Mime and Body Puppetry that has already been presented in fifteen countries in Europe, Asia and America: England, Korea, France. Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Netherland, Germany, Switzerland...


Putxa has a degree in Dramatic Art from the Col-legi de Teatre and in Dramatic Body Mime from MOVEO, both in Barcelona. In addition to this academic path, he has trained in different movement disciplines such as Hip-Hop, Flamenco, Contemporary Dance and Object Manipulation. He is the founder, performer and co-director of the company "Zero en conducta - Teatre del Moviment", a company that already has three shows and a micro-theater piece, has toured all over Europe, America and Asia and has been awarded the Best Show Award three times (Italy, Bulgaria and Romania). He has also participated in the direction of more than twenty shows for other structures and has worked as a pedagogue of Physical Theater and Object Manipulation in Barcelona, Valencia, Italy and Slovenia. Currently, besides being immersed in the new creation of his company, he has also started to dedicate himself to the artistic and choreographic direction of music videos.

Artistic and technical sheet

Text, direction and interpretation José Antonio Puchades (Putxa)
Assistance direction Remo di Filippo
Sound and light technician Julieta Gascón
Music editor Red Vox Studio
Supervision Pepe Otal

Duration ≈ 40 minutes ● > 10

© Photo Julieta Miranda

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