International Solo Festival


Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala de Ensaios (Rehearsal Room)


"Suspension is an instant, a punctuation that stops time.
In an ephemeral calligraphy... Subject, verb and commas separate propositions mixed in the casual continuation of an endless bla, bla, bla. The virtuoso moments are intimacy, the reading of which transports us as we abandon discourse."

TXORIA is a short piece. A summary of a research paper. The intention to complete a path, to bring together on stage the conclusions of a personal quest. A fragile juggling, a silence broken only by the sounds of paper. A unique way to give life to objects and animate materials. A release and a return that are not alien to the body. A sincere and simple proposal. More and more simple.

Premiered in October 2015, it has already been on stage in the United States, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands... and, now, Portugal.


Mikel Ayala, born in Bilbao, has been studying the relationship between object, juggler and scene for fifteen years. After training at the circus schools "Circomedia" in Bristol, "Carampa" in Madrid and "Le Lido" in Toulouse, he later became interested in a different approach to the object. He studied object theater, materials, puppets and scenography with the Philippe Genty Company, tools that he used in the development of a very personal way of understanding juggling, far from the simple virtuosity of the Circus. Co-founder of the "Subliminati Corporation" company, awarded the "Jeunes Talents de Cirque Europe" prize, he produces "Cabaret Subliminal" and "#file_tone", both presented more than 150 times throughout Europe and Latin America. He is currently creating his new production "Deixe-me".

Artistic and technical sheet

Creation and interpretation Mikel Ayala
Music “Txoria txori” by Mikel Laboa

Duration ≈ 10 minutes ● > 6

© Photo Frédéric Joyeux

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