International Solo Festival


Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sub-Stage


"I am (k)not" is a contemporary circus piece, inspired by Álvaro de Campos' 'Tabacaria'. This show unites the disciplines of circus and dance to create a poetic universe that oscillates between darkness and joy, between chaos and beauty, between tranquility and restlessness. The vertical rope is used both in the air and on the ground, and becomes an object that gives rise to a multitude of forms, symbols, and situations that transmit the emotions, memories, and dreams of a character who wanders endlessly in the world of thought, only to be surprised, again and again, by the pleasures and joys of life... like chocolates! I will never be nothing. I cannot want to be nothing. Apart from that, I have all the dreams of the world in me."


Performer, with roots in contemporary circus, but constantly in transit through the worlds of dance, improvisation and creative and academic research. I approach movement practice beyond technique, as a metaphorical space, as a philosophy, as a strategy for understanding mobility in a broader sense, and as a tool for self-observation. Movement is the main tool I use in my creations; I explore movement as a language that I nurture and diversify through continuous learning. Being polyglot, my interest is in communication: between bodies, between bodies and objects, between an artist and the audience, between art forms...

Artistic and technical sheet

Author and performer Ana Jordão
Text “Tabacaria” de Álvaro de Campos


Duration ≈ 45 minutes ● > 15


© Photo Daniel Görich

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