International Solo Festival

In Cognito

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Subpalco (Understage)


A meditation on (non)violence and anonymity explored through the manipulation of the object/body. Skeptical masks. Invisibility in action.

The subterranean universe of resistance that manifests itself against the social, spiritual and economic landscape of our times.


Self-taught, polyglot fool with a few diplomas hanging on his metaphysical wall. Privileged born with the sole conviction that Homo Sapiens' categorizations and concept of "time" are the root of all confusion. His manifestations are musical, written, spoken, filmed and, in even stranger ways, experienced. With a penchant for experimentation, these manifestations have taken place on five different continents over ten revolutions of planet Earth around the Sun.

Artistic and technical sheet

Creation Gustav Hjerl
Interpretation Persona Non Grata
Text Bruce Chatwin
External support Ana Jordão


Duration ≈ 25 minutes ● > 6


© Photo Ana Jordão

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