International Solo Festival

Je ne danse pas j’offre mes os

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Subpalco (Understage)


"In the search for a starting point, the only one that serves me is the awareness of the body as flesh and blood, of what constitutes me, of what we all are.
There is no escape from the body. We can discuss infinite ideologies, but the body is an absolute value that desire and death reveal. The body is the first, immediate and fundamental thing. It is from the body and with the body that all creation is made.
Here and now, the word of the body is body: insurrection of the conscious flesh toward the sacred, toward the other."


Michel Journiac
A Aloual


Céline Angèle, passionate about theater, is trained in Dramatic Art and has been working for over ten years with several companies in Paris. Twice Judo champion in France and aware of the importance of the body for the actor, she is in search of a "total" theater. A body both dense and sensitive led her to Butoh in 2003. She met and practiced with many buthokas, danced with several companies and performed at the Avignon Festival in 2005, where she met Jean Daniel Fricker, with whom she never stopped working. She dances under his direction in "Prières" (2008), a 6-week, four-night group performance in Hampi, India, also participating in "Ghost Stories of Cambodia" (2009) in and around the temples of Angkor, in "Aus den Sieben Leuten" (2010) in Austria and in the group performances "Femme(s)" and "Solitudes" in 2012, "La Femme Inconnue" and "Solitudes" in 2013 and "ombres internes" in 2014. Since 2010, Céline supports the creative process of Jean Daniel's solo "] chambre intérieure [". In 2013, he directs her in the performance "Lumiére Noire", an experiment about the body and words and the search for the birth of both. In 2016, Jean Daniel and Céline present "Diptyque avec une ombre" at the 17th Paris Butoh Festival. Since 2012, along with running workshops in theaters and studios, they organize dance workshops in the Fontainbleu Woods near Paris.

Artistic and technical sheet

Solo performance Céline Angèle
Improvisation based on a proposal by Jean Daniel Fricker
Light design Jean Daniel Fricker and Pedro Morim


Duration ≈ 40 minutes ● 12+


© Photo Georges Karam

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