International Solo Festival

SOLANGE_Uma conversa de cabeleireiro

José Casimiro Hairdresser


Solange is waiting for us at a neighborhood hairdresser's.
Solange doesn't mince her words and she doesn't need
no one to let her go.
Unexpectedly she reveals herself to be a poetry lover
and a politicized voice.
What is there in common between Solange's
and that of the poet?
Making the here and now shine.
The working in a clandestine redoubt.
Giving public form to privacy without invading it.
The waiting for a revolution that will make the times
the times to come.
Listening to a thousand dilemmas and catharsis, almost secrets
and almost revelations.
Caring for a fraction of the body, opening
the floodgate of many other souls.
Solange makes poetry her weapon
and her lens through which to see the world.
Solange finds in poetry the strength to affirm herself,
the right to contradict herself.
Solange finds in the words of women
Portuguese and Brazilian women poets a reason to
to deepen the abyss of being a woman.
Solange finds in spoken poetry the unheard energy
of the word in search of its addressee.


(Porto, 1980.) Graduated in Theatre Studies at ESMAE in 2006. Since then she has worked with Diogo Dória, Nuno Preto, Inês Vicente, Rosário Costa, Miguel Seabra, Natália Luíza, Catarina Lacerda, Patrick Murys, Gonçalo Amorim, Rui M. Silva, José Carretas, Madalena Victorino; she worked as a stage assistant for Miguel Seabra, Natália Luíza, Hugo Cruz and Rodrigo Malvar; on television, she participated in the series "Mulheres de Abril" and "Dentro" by the director Henrique Oliveira; she collaborates with the Associção PELE in several projects, the last one being a communitarian theater project; she gives formation in Dramatic Expression to different groups; she is a member of the NTO - Porto, collaborating in several forum-theater projects.

Artistic and technical sheet

Conception Hugo Cruz
Creation Hugo Cruz e Susana Madeira
Interpretation Susana Madeira
Texts Regina Guimarães
Excertos de textos Cecília Meireles, Adélia Prado, Luiza Neto Jorge
Music Elza Soares
Costume Lola Sousa
Light design Wilma Moutinho
Photography and video Patrícia Poção
Executive production Carina Moutinho
Production Nómada Art & Public Space

Duration ≈ 55 minutes ● > 16

© Photo Patrícia Poção

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