Cine-Teatro Garrett, Deeds Hall


"Is John coming?"

Diagnosed with a mild hysterical tendency, Charlotte is forbidden to work and is taken by her husband to a colonial mansion, where they stay for three long months. In this isolated place far from the road, Charlotte is forced to rest day and night, with a hideous wallpaper as her only stimulus.


Born in 1992, in Lisbon. She began her training as an actress at Espaço EVOÉ - Escola de Actores, in Lisbon, 2013, where she completed a year of Training for Actors, intensive course. In 2014 she continued with a degree in Theatre, interpretation variant, at ESMAE - Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espectáculo, in Porto. During the course she had the opportunity to work with artists such as Catarina Lacerda, Inês Lua, Rodrigo Malvar, Susana Madeira, Pedro Penim, Paulo Calatré, Lígia Roque and João Henriques. She collaborated with the project T3, at ESMAE, as assistant organizer followed by the participation in the project "Sons of T", in 2018, participating in one of the editions, with "Dolorosa", from the work "Stabat Mater, Paixão Segundo João", by Antonio Tarantino.

Artistic and technical sheet

Interpretation Sara Neves
Staging Daniel Silva
Staging assistance Maria Luís Cardoso
Light design Pedro Galiza

Duration ≈ 45 minutes ● > 12

© Photo João Pedro Santos

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