International Solo Festival


Cine-Teatro Garrett, Subpalco (Understage)


Welcome to the world of Señor StetS. String charmer, knot tamer, and wandering fool. One rope to "juggle", another that behaves like a viper. A little fish almost alive. Mousetraps for an odd fakery act.


In Cuerdo, Stets leads the audience through a show that combines the subtle playfulness of the clown and the tension of a horror film, using elements of circus, dance, object manipulation, and puppetry.


Bringing together material from various shows with different constellations, strings and mousetraps, he invites the audience into his world. A world of play, movement and a lot of surprise, based on simplicity.


...accompanied by a cassette tape and a rustic megaphone.


Karl Stets….


Karl Stets has been working for about 25 years as a performer, musician and show director. He has worked on the street, in circus tents and in large venues throughout Europe and parts of South America, Asia and Africa. He has created companies and collaborated with numerous artists and companies, among them: False Majeure (DK), LicedeLuxe (DK/ES), Cirkus Cirkör (SE), Kit Johnson X-Act (DK), Manolo Alcántara (ES), Leandre Ribera (ES), Gadjo (ES/INT), Always Drinking Marching Band (ES), Fecat Circus (ET), Circo Paniko (IT).
Cuerdo was his first solo and has been touring for approximately 10 years.

Artistic and technical sheet

Creation and interpretation Karl StetS
Music Karl StetS and Jan Johanson


Duration ≈ 60 minutes ● > 6


© Photo Lucia Herrero

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