International Solo Festival

Memorias dun neno labrego

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala Principal (Main Room)


Memorias dun neno labrego is a scenic solo version of the mythical Galician book with the same title, which also includes selected texts from oral tradition and collective memory, as well as of own creation, conforming a one-man show. Between theatricality and orality, the comic (actor, author, director), from humor and emotion, tells the story of a rural boy from Galicia in the 1940's, "dun neno labrego": misery, injustice, illusions, hope, memory?


Vigo, (Galicia) 1960
Director, author, oral narrator, actor.
In the 80's he began as a director with the staging of O melro branco, his own play, in the company Tranvia de Vigo. He was director of the Galician company Ollomoltranvia and has staged plays with several companies in Galicia and with the Galician Dramatic Center.
As director or author he has received several times some of the awards Maria Casares (of the Galician theater) or Max (of the Spanish scene). He is a Galician Culture Award winner and was among the playwrights selected for the European Marathon of Theatrical Creation in the European Cultural Capital of Brussels.
In the field of oral narration he is present in programs in Europe and Latin America. As a result of this dedication, he experiments with the combination of orality and theatricality. Memorias dun neno labrego is an example of this path.
In the lusophone world he has participated in several projects of Cena Lusófona in Portugal, Brazil, São Tomé e Príncipe and Guinea Bissau; he has collaborated with A Escola da Noite de Coimbra as author and director and from 2000 to 2008 he directed an annual workshop (about orality in the actor) at ESMAE in Porto.

Artistic and technical sheet

Directed, adapted, dramaturged and performed by Cándido Pazó
Original music Manuel Riveiro
Lighting design and technical work Afonso Castro
Video Nano Besada and Rubén V. “Zé”
Graphic design Alberto Gende
Scenography Carlos Alonso
Production Belén Pichel


Duration ≈ 77 minutes ● > 6


© Photo Afonso Castro

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