International Solo Festival

Um Solo para a Sociedade

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala Principal (Main Room)


Based on the monologue The Double Bass, by Patrick Süskind, António Cabrita and São Castro deepen the reflection about how people occupy a common territory, addressing issues that guide the human condition; extending the gesture as an elaborated and exteriorized movement of this reflection. The confrontation of self and others, of noise and silence in visible sound in the body.


A solo before society, the public. A public that observes the individual, a performer that observes society.


António Cabrita graduated from the Escola Superior de Dança, is also a graduate of the Escola de Dança do Conservatório Nacional and studied dance at the Joffrey Ballet School, New York. As a dancer, choreographer, video designer and sound designer he has developed his work between Portugal and Germany. With São Castro, he received the SPA Authors Award in the category Best Choreography with Play False (2014).


São Castro began her dance training at Balleteatro Escola Profissional de Dança e de Teatro do Porto and, in 2002, completed her degree at the Escola Superior de Dança. As a performer she has worked with several renowned choreographers. With António Cabrita, she received the SPA Authors Award in the category Best Choreography with Play False (2014).


Miguel Santos has a degree in Dance from the Escola Superior de Dança, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa. As a performer, he worked with Benvindo Fonseca, Carla Jordão, Nuno Gomes, Ricardo Ambrozio, Daniela Andana, Bruno Duarte and São Castro at the Almada Dance Company. He collaborated with Gonçalo Ferreira Lobato for CDCE (2013); João Fernandes (2015) and Paulo Ribeiro for Companhia Paulo Ribeiro (2018). He collaborated with CPCB as a performer in the Young Portuguese Choreographers program (2018). In 2014 he created the solo Quase Mágico.

Artistic and technical sheet

Concept São Castro
Choreography, light design and costumes António Cabrita and São Castro
Original music São Castro
Additional music Daniel Bjarnason, Hildur Gudnadóttir, Jean Sibelius and Jean-Baptiste Lully
Interpretation Miguel Santos
Acknowledgements Conservatório Regional de Música Dr. Azeredo Perdigão – Viseu
Production Companhia Paulo Ribeiro
Co-production Teatro Viriato


Duration ≈ 62 minutes ● > 12


© Photo António Cabrita and São Castro

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