International Solo Festival

André Júlio Turquesa

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Coffee-Concert

Synopsis / Biografia

André Júlio Turquesa seeks to unite the discoveries and memories of his traveling alter ego from Turquoise with André actor, musician and composer, who now rests his roots and messes up his ideas in a new place. Moved by routine, reencounters, inner search and experimentation, Orgônio appears, an album with open doors to the multi-instrumentalist composer, who now creates without looking at the means but abusing them in a wild search for what is most intense in memories, influences, references and their constant conjugations.

The album consists of 10 tracks with original music and lyrics, bringing together themes that include the participation of musicians such as Peixe, Emmy Curl, João Hasselberg, Ricardo Coelho among others, and where the Portuguese language starts to coexist with French and English, with his compositions and also with poems by Valter Hugo Mãe and Miguel Bonneville. Orgônio has the Support to the Phonographic Edition of GDA and the seal of Planalto Records.

Artistic and technical sheet

Voice, guitar and piano André Júlio Turquesa

Duration ≈ 60 minutes ● > 6

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