International Solo Festival

Contos e Lenga-Lendas

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Subpalco (Understage)


“Contos e Lenga-Lendas” is a series of concerts and recordings created by Gil Dionísio.

Violin concertos and sung stories. Melodies, songs and legends created from the many worlds of Dionysus. Each piece a tale, each tale a story. And for each story there are songs, symphonies and sounds for a violin that drinks from classical music that doesn't want to be old, from traditional music a little from all over the world and from an almost forgotten jazz: inspired by the idea of ​​the solo, the soloist and of the stories that are told when there is no network.

Juggling tales and stories that always appear when least expected. Plots and narratives to listen to. As for the colors, it depends on the history and arrangement of the violin, which is called Baby.


Self-taught multidisciplinary artist, lyricist and storyteller, multi-instrumentalist and hopeless showman. Creator with a range of proposals that oscillate between writing, video, sound and composition for the most varied mediums, with a focus on music (in particular the violin, voice and piano) and the many performing arts, from theater to dance.
Involved in the hectic movement of the exotic Lisbon underground, with two labels and a promoter, Dionísio multiplies himself in the many colors and landscapes of the various companies, groups, bands and projects that have continued to produce incessantly, for almost a decade now. With regular tours in Portugal and abroad, with emphasis on projects such as Criatura (dedicated to a new traditional Portuguese music, deeply involved with the Cante Alentejano de Serpa), Pás de Problème (acclaimed by the public and press as one of the best live acts in Portugal) or the involvement with artists such as actor Miguel Borges, director João Garcia Miguel or choreographer Clara Andermatt.
Off stage there is still a vast work of image, video, and a wide range of lyrics and texts, with special emphasis on the writing of short stories. In recent years he has devoted much of his time to teaching, training and educational service all over the country.

Artistic and technical sheet

Texts and music Gil Dionísio
Photography Teresa Lopes da Silva
Support Olympo Editora

Duration ≈ 75 minutes ● > 6

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