International Solo Festival

Ontem está a chegar

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala de Ensaios (Rehearsal Room)


A woman is on the floor, motionless. A hand explores this body very gently until it realizes that it doesn't react. Panic. Resuscitation attempts. The hand struggles to lift the body to a standing position.
Finally she opened her eyes: Astonished.

At first, she lives in an apocalyptic void. But little by little she will create a world where she believes in herself and makes us believe that she is not alone.
Sunk in solitude, her life waits for one thing: the sound of the telephone.
A breath of memories will be presented, investing her entire world…

A chair, a table, a fridge. The stripped-down space is the vivid image of what is offered to the viewer. This silent character opens the doors of her intimacy with an infinite tenderness.
“Yesterday is coming” is a journey from the density of emptiness to the intensity of loss to the power of imagination.


After finishing her professional training at the Le Lido Circus Arts Center in Toulouse, Gina Vila Bruch works as a dancer in “Temoin Ordinares” by Rachid Ouramdane, as an acrobat and improviser in “Déambuloscopie” by the Pipototal street company, and as an actress and puppeteer. in the children's show “Shuut!” from Sarment. Currently, he works with Marta Torrents' “Brut” and with her clown solo and gesture theater “Hier arrive bientôt”, and is currently in creation with the company Blicktheatre.

Artistic and technical sheet

Creation and interpretation Georgina Vila Bruch
Direction Fabio Ezechiele Sforzini e Sofie Sforzini
Light design Elsa Jabrin

Duration ≈ 50 minutes ● > 6

+ This edition's programming