International Solo Festival


Cine-Teatro Garrett, Itinerant show


“(…) For the whole journey is a kind of crusade, preached by some Peter, the Hermit in us, to advance and reconquer this Holy Land from the hands of the Infidels. Walking."
— Henry David Thoreau

Saunterer is a walking performance, based on walking as an act of resistance according to the philosophy of Santiago López Petit and “Pressentiments” by Espai en Blanc.

The performance questions the possibility of abandoning a world where there is no outside, where reality is completely confused with capitalism.

Opening holes to breathe, lighting fires at night. In the depths of our despair, there is a joy that calls to us.

The meeting point for the start of the show will be at the ticket office of Cine‐Teatro Garrett.
This show is not recommended for people with reduced mobility.


Marc Rodrigo is the only member and founder of Colectivo Ameno that combines humour, philosophy and performance. Marc was part of the group Imbecilidad de Pep Vila and the street theater company Zinc Co. He also participates in the street show Handle with Care, by Diana Gadish and collaborates regularly with the poet Danilo Facelli.
He has performed in different countries such as Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland, Denmark, among others. He currently has two shows, Filosofía Amena, a conference on humorous philosophy, and Saunterer, an itinerant performance on walking as an act of resistance.
He works as a hospital clown in Pallapupas and prepares, in collaboration with María Stoyanova, The Other Map, a performance that is part of the European project Be SpecACtive.

Artistic and technical sheet

Idea Marc Rodrigo
Creation Marc Rodrigo in collaboration with María Stoyanova
Interpretation Marc Rodrigo
Direction María Stoyanova
Creative support CRA’P, Fundació La Plana, GRÚA (Grup de recerca d’universos artístics), Escena Poblenou, Cal Gras e Ajuntament del Masnou
Production FiraTàrrega, Festival Grec e curadoria de Eduard Molner
Acknowledgements Espai en Blanc, Santiago López Petit e Diana Gadish

Duration ≈ 90 minutes ● > 12

© Photo Natalia Lucia

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