International Solo Festival


Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala Principal (Main Room)


1. He moves forward. He wastes no time feeling sorry for himself.
2. He maintains control. He does not give power to others.
4. He doesn't complain.
5. He's not afraid to have his say.
6. He is willing to take calculated risks. He weighs the pros and cons before taking action.
8. He fully accepts responsibility for his actions. He doesn't make the same mistakes over and over again.
10. He is willing to fail. He doesn't give up after failure. He sees every failure as an opportunity for self-improvement.
11. He enjoys being alone. He is not afraid of being alone.
12. He doesn't think the world owes him anything.
13. He is willing to wait.
14. He reevaluates and changes things.
15. He spends his mental energy productively.
16. He tolerates discomfort.
21. He has no words in his mouth. He spends them every day. He leaves nothing unsaid.


Manuel Tur studied at ACE and ESMAE. He is an actor and director, assistant director, voice actor, director of actors and teacher in theater schools. He staged texts by Sam Shepard, Luís Mestre, Lola Arias, Strindberg, Dea Loher and Rui Manuel Amaral and directed “Uma Bailarina Espe(ta)cular” – a solo for a dancer and a box; “Identity” – project for young actors; “Longe da Vista – a project about the farewell” and “Mulheres-Tráfico” (a documentary show based on reports of trafficked women).

Deeogo Oliveira has been dancing since he was 9 years old. Member of the urban dance group “Momentum Crew”. Attended the Advanced Training in Interpretation and Choreographic Creation (FAICC) by Companhia Instável. Dance interpreter in the shows “Al mada nada” by Ricardo Pais; “Portvcale” and “Música e Movimento” by Max Oliveira; “Fall” by Victor Hugo Pontes; “Kadok” by Oliveira & Bachtler; “Single Cause Ballet” by Willi Dorner and “Glissando Opus Mastro” by RADAR 360º.

Artistic and technical sheet

Direction Manuel Tur
Interpretation Deeogo Oliveira
Light design Cárin Geada
Scenic space Ana Gormicho
Original music Rui Vieira
Production A Turma
Video and photography
Based on “survival manual for the transparent man” by Luís Araújo

Duration ≈ 29 minutes ● > 12

+ This edition's programming