International Solo Festival


Cine-Teatro Garrett, Café-Concerto (Café-Concert)


“A blurred memory stands out. We entered in the middle of a horseback ride through the desert. The pace rocks, the heat suffocates and we already start to smell the mirages. We see an oasis, where cobalt blue and amber melt and, as they merge, create winds, mountains, textures… time itself!

We move forward aimlessly.
We wake up like a whirlwind.
We look at the clock: we still have many hours to sleep. Everything is fine."

— Lucía Vives


Calcutá is the artistic name of Teresa Castro, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Lisbon.
In 2013, shortly after she started studying Multimedia Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts, she co-founded the garage-psych-pop band Mighty Sands, with whom she recorded 2 EPs, played in Portugal and made two European tours. With the Mighty Sands she also co-founded Spring Toast Records, an independent label whose intention was to create an entity through which friends could release their music.
In 2015, she released her first demo “Love Path Again”, inaugurating the name Calcutá as her stage name. She released her first EP in 2017, entitled “Over Night”. Teresa is also the founder of the experimental-drone band Savage Ohms where she plays percussion and sings.
In 2018 she composed and played the soundtrack for the play “Real Dog” by Solange Freitas, composed primarily of drone guitars, distortions and a poem. She also did an artistic residency at ZDB with Steve Gunn and Helena Espvall and has been collaborating with several musicians from The Legendary Tigerman to Filipe Sambado or April Marmara.
In 2019, she did a residency at Matadero in Madrid, where she met musician and producer Emil Saiz. Together they are working on a new project called ZZUM, to be premiered in the near future.

Artistic and technical sheet

Composition and musical interpretation Teresa Castro

Duration ≈ 45 minutes ● > 6

© Photo Eduardo Gonçalves

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