International Solo Festival


Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala Principal (Main Room)


This is ring juggling like never before. Emil spent more than five years researching every possible ring for HOLY; from balances, to shapes and patterns. Large-scale juggling is presented in a minimal area. With exceptional body control and an eye for detail, HOLY is an unprecedented balance juggling. Working together with some of the best jugglers in the world, inspired by the seasons, HOLY was created to bring you 45 minutes of mental juggling.


Emil Dahl is a minimalist who loves juggling and adores honesty. Ever since he saw juggling for the first time during the last millennium, he has been obsessed with it. He taught himself how to juggle not long after and has kept on juggling as often as possible ever since. In recent years his juggling has been focused not only on skill but also on the visual and the emotional aspects.

Being based in Sweden, he is influenced by Scandinavian design and enjoys experiencing the seasonal changes that are present there. Being inspired by efficient living and straight lines, some of his hobbies are drinking water, breathing air and juggling rings.

Artistic and technical sheet

Idea and interpretation Emil Dahl
Music Johan Rinman
Scenography Erik Åberg
External look Wes Peden
Supports The Swedish Arts Grants Committee e Region Östergötland
Executive production Mette Klouman

Duration ≈ 45 minutes ● > 12

© Photo Einar Kling Odencrants

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