Joana Guerra

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Café-Concerto (Café-Concert)


Joana Guerra is a cellist singer-songwriter whose compositions swing between song and acoustic experimentation. With her second album, the enchantment brought by her debut work is renewed. "Cavalos Vapor", brought out by Revolve, confirms what we have already sensed in the auditions of Joana Guerra's various collaborations. We are before one of the most interesting artists of the new generation of Portuguese music.

"A composer with a unique DNA in Portugal, Joana Guerra crosses classical cello practice with some avant-garde expressions (think Arthur Russell), creating dreamlike, and sometimes chilling, songs where melody almost always occupies a central role." (A. M. Silva)


After her classical training on cello, Joana Guerra decided to head towards musical landscapes that reflect her desire for acoustic experimentation and appropriation of other sound references. Since the release of "Gralha", her first solo album, in 2013, she has maintained an uninterrupted activity, both solo and in various other formats and projects of experimental music, improvised or audiovisual. She also integrates the trio Bande à Part and the duo with violinist Gil Dionísio. In 2016, she releases a new solo album, "Cavalos Vapor", brought to you by Revolve. She creates music for different artistic contexts: in dance with choreographer Madalena Victorino; in film/documentary by João Botelho and other documentarists; in theater with the João Garcia Miguel Company.

Artistic and technical sheet

Cello and voice Joana Guerra

Duration ≈ 60 minutes ● > 6

© Photo Ísis Araújo

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