International Solo Festival

Neste Momento

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala de Actos (Exhibition Hall)


With so much that has already happened over millennia of history and of which we know more and more each day and become aware of them; with so much that could happen and of whose possibilities we are increasingly alert, how about attending to what is happening “at this moment” for a little while?


Alexandre Sá was born in 1984.
He made his professional debut as an actor in 2007 and since then has worked in various structures, including the Companhia de teatro de Braga, Clown Laboratori Porto, Rei Sem Roupa, Associação Teatro Educação, Fértil Cultural, Colectivo Estupendo Inuendo, Bairro dos Livros, António Lago & Susana Chioca, Nuvem Voadora, among others.
From 2010 to 2015 he had training and continuous practice in clown, mask and improvisation at Clown Laboratori Porto.
He works as a playwright for Colectivo Estupendo Inuendo, Associação Teatro Educação, Bairro dos Livros, Nuvem Voadora and Crónica Pitoresca.
As an actor, he is also a regular presence in the film projects of director Rúben Marques. Since 2015, he has been helping to develop the project Ando a Estudar Para Ser Poeta, by Colectivo Estupendo Inuendo.
He joined the improvisation group Ervilha no Topo do Bolo in 2020.

Artistic and technical sheet

Creation Alexandre Sá
Music Kiko Rurelas


Duration ≈ 40 minutes ● 6+

+ This edition's programming