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Peix is ​​a small format solo, based on the disciplines of circus and clown. A reflection, based on the poetics of the absurd, on Mallorca, on the impact of tourism, on the struggle for power, on emptiness, silence and loneliness in the face of immensity, on the ridiculousness of getting old and the nostalgia of being small. A metaphorical journey to the human depths in search of what makes us keep swimming, searching, paddling despite the magnitude and the unpredictable and always surprising force of the waves.
“This was and was not a fish fishing doubtfully towards the infinite depths, in solitude, without big fish to watch over it, without manta fish to shelter it, without swordfish, without clownfish. Free from all this, and yet can't get it out of the head. Pez-Era”.


The company Hotel iocandi was born at the beginning of 2012, when Tomeu Amer and Griselda Juncà met again in Barcelona. From this meeting and from the mutual desire to merge projects and artistic disciplines, the short play Esquerdes was born, selected for Camins Emergents 2013. In the first of 2014, singer and bassist Joana Gomilla joins the project and the three undertake the creation of the long version of Esquerdes, premiered in May 2015 at Fira Trapezi in Reus. Since then, the show has been presented at many festivals, cities and towns in Catalonia, Spain, Europe and Asia. Esquerdes received the 2015 Zirkolika Award for Best Show.

The company is part of the collective of circus artists La Persiana and has also participated in other projects such as: Invisibles, XXI Circ d’Hivern del Ateneu Popular de 9Barris or Rakkaus, in Helsinki, Finland.

In September 2019, they premiered their latest show Peix, at FiraTàrrega, and won the Moritz Prize for Best Premiere of Street Arts.

Artistic and technical sheet

Idea, creation and interpretation Tomeu Amer
External look Ada Vilaró
Artistic accompaniment Griselda Juncà
Musical composition and sound warning Sasha Agranov
Design and construction of scenography Tomeu Amer
Technician Bernat Torras
Executive production Griselda Juncà e La Persiana
Stage builder Ulrich Weigel
Costumes Hotel iocandi
Distribution Alina Ventura – The Suitcase of the Shows

Duration ≈ 50 minutes ● > 6

© Photo Marta Garcia

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