International Solo Festival

Vida e Obra de Um Homem Mais ou Menos Apresentável

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala de Ensaios (Rehearsal Room)


His name is not known, his age is not known. One anonymous among many, these seconds only glimpsed by the voice of the first, in a store that is also anonymous, a job like any other, employment, rather, a set of repetitive, overwhelming tasks, carried out under the whip of an eternal savage evaluation. “Employee of the month” as a justification/goal/pride that will give meaning and encouragement to the dance of the days, a title that slips through our protagonist's fingers for a miserable zero point eighty-three.
Supported by more or less diffuse readings of bald philosophers who have not understood each other well and haunted by the prophetic echoes of a long-buried grandmother, this undoubtedly tragic hero, inadvertently comic and, above all, of dubious morality, goes, between flashes of lucid self-recognition and delusional abandonment, working on his suffering acceptance. And when the voice of God visits him and gives him free rein so that an eternally postponed reckoning with life can finally take place, he has no alternative but to dive into himself and crown himself, tired, lord of his own destiny.


Daniel Silva borns in 1994, in Vizela.
In 2014, he makes his professional debut in “O Filho de Mil Homens”, by Ana Luena, at Teatro Carlos Alberto. Graduates from ESMAE/IPP.
In 2016, he is part of the cast of “King Lear” by Ensemble – Sociedade de Actors, co-produced with TNSJ.
In 2018, he staged his first show, “Charlotte”, interpreted and performed the sound composition in the solo show “Vida e Obra de um Homem Mais ou Menos Presentável”, and participated in the short film “Boca do Inferno” by Luís Porto.
In 2019, he is part of the cast of “Escrever, Falar”, with text by Jacinto Lucas Pires and performs in the show “Yo Ecribó, Vos Dibujas” by Federico Léon at Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória within the scope of FITEI 2019.
Participates in the feature film “1618”, directed by Luís Ismael and produced by Lightbox Film & Advertising.
In 2020, he works as an actor, co-creates and performs musical interpretation in the show “M.A.D”, co-production Grua Crua and Casa das Artes de Vila Nova de Famalicão.
In 2021, he joins the cast in the show “As Três Irmãs” by Ensemble – Sociedade de Actors, directed by Carlos Pimenta.
Currently, alongside his work as an actor, he continues to develop work allied to music and musical creation and interpretation.

Artistic and technical sheet

Text, staging and plastic conception Pedro Galiza
Interpretation and sound design Daniel Silva
Light design Marugga (OUTcube)
Light assistance Tiago Silva e Leandro Leitão (OUTcube)
Executive production Inês Simões Pereira
Production Grua Crua

Duration ≈ 75 minutes ● > 12

© Photo Teresa Santos

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