Performing Arts Festival

ZÉNITE: Quadros de um Grande Jogo Poético

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala de Actos (Exhibition Hall)


“ZÉNITE: Quadros de um Grande Jogo Poético” is an audiovisual project by Filipe Baptista composed of a series of thirteen videos, which can be seen as a gallery of moving pictures. In each painting we see a body-landscape, materialized by the figure of an interpreter. The movement of the bodies and the words that echo from them serve as raw material to paint, with image and sound, this set of small visual poems.


Born in Lisbon, Filipe Baptista began his artistic career as a dancer in 2008 through urban dances. In 2011, he began his training in contemporary dance and performance, highlighting names such as David Zambrano, Peter Michael Dietz, Jonathan Burrows, among others. He worked on creations by Madalena Victorino, Malavoadora, Kwenda Lima, Amálgama Companhia de Dança, Mário Coelho and Pedro Baptista.
He created the dance solo “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”; presented at the IX Festival Internacional de Solos de Dança Contemporânea (Malaposta). He collaborated with Mário Coelho providing support for creation and movement in the play “É Difícil Para Mim Dançar!”. He created the video installation project “ZÉNITE: Quadros de um Grande Jogo Poético”, which premiered at the A Salto 2020 Festival, in Elvas. In 2021, he’s invited as a creator for the curated project All Tomorrow’s Parties, where he created and presented the performance “ATMA_0.7”. He is currently working on a new dance-performance solo entitled “NADIR”.

Artistic and technical sheet

Concept, video editing and sound space Filipe Baptista
Interpretation André de Campos, Beatriz Dias, Érica Rodrigues, Filipe Baptista, Hugo Olim, Mariana Guarda, Mário Coelho, Nádia Yracema, Pedro Baptista, Rita Rocha Silva, Teresa Santos, Teresa Vilhena Moreira, Sara Baptista


Supported by UmColectivo, Rua das Gaivotas6


Duration ≈ 35 minutes ● > 12

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