International Solo Festival


Cine-Teatro Garrett, Subpalco (Understage)


This solo speaks of the intimacy of a woman alone in her bathroom. It is the counter-face, the counter-body, the counter-form of a modern, anxious and efficient society that exists through self-image. It is the residue of everything we hide to avoid being raw, excessive, bizarre, real. "INMUNDA" is the invitation to an intimate space in a public one.


Movement researcher and circus artist, passionate about the analogy of the body and its ability to create active landscapes that provoke a poetic and crude fiction. Her scenic objective is to work through the physical symbol that reveals another truth. Her approach is based on the argument "The body is political", enhancing the ability to denounce any allegory or reflected reality. Her action between photography and design transforms her company into an organic habitat where she develops this identitary plastic-digital aspect.

Artistic and technical sheet

Idea, interpretation and creation Juana O. Kipppes
Movement adviser Joan Català Carrasco
Choreographic adviser and circus technique Julie Bergez
Original text Juana O. Kippes
External look Antxon Ordoñez Bergareche
Sound design Adrià J. Garriga e Juana O. Kippes
Light design Adrià Juan Garriga
Costume design: (reproduction and making) Pilar Biencatón
Desenho de cenografia Betty Cau
Production Janika e Rita Stivala

Duration ≈ 40 minutes ● 12+

Photo © Antxon Ordoñez Bergareche

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