International Solo Festival


Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala Principal (Main Room)


NU#03 is a solo performance that seeks an encounter with the spectator, assuming the scenic perimeter as a womb for a seminal movement - to return, from a playful performative game about and with language, the curiosity about beings, places and presences. The original dramaturgy, proposes a lacunar textual structure that seeks the participation of the spectator, once a listener, now also a performing body, opening links and points of view about the place we occupy in the relationship with the other (being, landscape, cosmos). Composed exclusively of wood with sustainable growth, thus minimizing the ecological footprint of the working process, the scenographic structure, modular and lacunar, arranged at 360º, welcomes actress and spectators, simultaneously installing scenic space and audience, and can be implemented in unconventional spaces or stage box. "NU#03" integrates and concludes the creation trilogy "NU", a research project developed between 2019 and 2022. It deepens relationships between landscape, body, acoustics, territory, graphics and performativity, from which resulted, throughout the triennium, several artistic manifestations (installation, performance, publication).


TdFrio is an artistic collective formed in 2005 and inserted in the regional context of the northern region. It emerges with the purpose of privileging the research space in theatrical creation, with a statutorily rooted will of disciplinary crossing. Since 2013 it investigates thresholds and contact zones between the processes of theatrical creation and sound art, acoustics, dance and compositional writing. On this premise, it has deepened its investment in the creation of performances where the performer and the word emerge from the systematic investigation around the relations between emotion, action, thought and where dramaturgical/compositional writing takes place from its own grammar that relates voice, body, space and sound. Conceiving artistic creation as a form of interpersonal dialogue, TdFrio promotes the crossing between different creators, researchers and artistic and epistemological practices.

Artistic and technical sheet

Artistic direction and sound design Rodrigo Malvar
Dramaturgy and interpretation Catarina Lacerda
Dramaturgy support Lígia Soares
Scenography Fernando Almeida e Quico
Light design Mariana Figueroa
Production direction Paula Silva
Executive production Marta Lima
Communication Patrícia Barbosa
Video and photography Miguel F
Co-production FITEI – Festival Internacional de Teatro de Expressão Ibérica
Supported by CRL – Central Elétrica e CulturDança

Duration ≈ 50 minutes ● 12+

Photo © Miguel F

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