Rubble King

Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala de Actos (Exhibition Hall)


Rubble King introduces a body that tracks archetypes. An entity inside a sandbox, a place of unlimited information, an overly productive circuit looking for assimilable models. This universal body is viral, an unfiltered circuit randomly interrupted by self-satisfaction. Glimpses of real movement structures are present as if they were a second skin, the artificial intelligent. Change, change, change, the evolution through immersive ambiguity, a rational ridiculousness.


Born in Porto, Duarte is 32 years old and graduated from Escola Superior de Dança in 2014, he lives in Portugal, researching in parallel contemporary and urban movement, a movement study he calls Random Reference. She has worked with choreographers such as Amélia Bentes in "Eternuridade," Gregory Maqoma in "Free," Emmanuelle Hyuhn in "Cribles," Marco da Silva Ferreira in "Land(e)scape, "Hu (r) mano", "Brother" and "Bisonte", Drosha Gherkov in "Needs", Jonas & Lander in "Adorabilis", Mafalda Deville in "Barro", Thierry Smits/Compagnie Thor in "Anima Ardens" and "WaW". Duarte choreographed "Dry Mouth" in 2015, "State of Doubt" in 2021, "We can buy a Basquiat but we can't hold hands" with Jonas Verwerft in 2017 and "Rubble King" in 2021. He is currently on tour with "Brother" and "Bisonte" by Marco da Silva Ferreira, "Cabra Quimera" by Catarina Miranda and is preparing his new creation with Maria Antunes provisionally entitled "ATLAS/DIY".

Artistic and technical sheet

Artistic direction Duarte Valadares
Co-creation André Cabral e Marco da Silva Ferreira
Interpretation Duarte Valadares
Visual artist Denilson Miranda
Compositor Olli Lautiola
Costume designer Maria Carlos Baptista e Pawel Androsiuk
Light design Luisa L’Abbate
Residency support Straatrijk, Cie Thor, Jazzy Dance Studios, Estúdio CAB – Centro Coreográfico de Lisboa, Centro de Criação do Imaginarius, Companhia Instável, Loop Festival, Boom Academy

Duration ≈ 43 minutes ● 6+

Photo © José Caldeira

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