Performing Arts Festival


Cine-Teatro Garrett + Mercearia Paulino


On the horizon, when the earth meets the sky,
Every ray of light sees the source of time.
This is where the rivers that sail the air pass through
and the memories that seduce the wind.


Exhibition open until November 26th.


A partnership with Montra — Mostra de Arte Contemporânea de Vila do Conde.


Filipe Lanhoso Larangeira (Fil), artist and gardener, was born in Porto in 1975, graduated in Sound and Image and lives and works in Vila do Conde. He seeks to develop his work through sustainable processes and practices of permanence, addressing processes of conservation and regeneration of his ecosystem. The artist manifests a kind of mimetic metamorphosis of the movements he witnesses in his laboratory. His pieces evoke the atmosphere in its habitability, as a place to discuss ideas and build dreams. His mothership is the family, where he seeks a functional and qualitative economy in terms of investment and energy consumption.

Artistic and technical sheet

Plastic Artist: Filipe Larangeira


Photo © Rita Rocha

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