FIS is a festival that thinks, inspires, breathes and talks with itself. Thinks about working conditions, culture problems, the relationship between artists and the spaces that welcome artists and provide the much-desired relationship of closeness between audience and artist.

FIS - International Solo Festival continues with the same purpose with which it began in 2015, to serve as a platform for creation, production and dissemination, to resist and survive each year to build a new year. To be a festival in movement: stages, proposals, performers, spectators and consciousnesses in continuous movement, in continuous provocation and startle.

A project where the concerns, challenges and solutions advanced by structures of contemporary performative creation can be freely expressed. FIS - International Solo Festival represents, for the city and the urban agglomeration in which it is inserted, a singular initiative: a small format festival, but profoundly multidisciplinary and not afraid of risking programming, proposing to the public, every year, new ways of seeing and interpreting what is structured on stage, calling upon artists from within and without whose work does not always find as many venues as it deserves.

With this project, we occupy a very idiosyncratic segment in the city's cultural offer and, by doing so, we seek to fix and retain the loyalty of an audience that, more often than not, will have to travel in search of similar proposals. For its conciseness and specificity, but also for the high technical and artistic quality of its agenda, this festival can and must work, increasingly, as one of the most important axes of programming in the area, thus assuming itself as a standard-bearer in the creation of a dynamic pole of intervention, reflection and support for the performing arts.


Artistic Direction
Nuno Leites

Dídac Gilabert
Inês Simões Pereira
Nuno Leites
Teresa Santos

Production Direction
Inês Simões Pereira

Technical Direction
Pedro Morim

Communication and Press
Filipa Guimarães