International Solo Festival


Cine-Teatro Garrett, Sala de Ensaios (Rehearsal Room)


"Erm". A look at human disaster and a body that expands in search of balance.

"And yet, in the humility of disaster, a new flower bursts forth-new. Like the first flower in the wind upon the face of the earth. For we are alive, and all greatness thus holds for us. We are alive, we know it. The torch of light that projects from us, returns to us and illuminates - illuminates what we do not wish to destroy."
Vergílio Ferreira

"I told woman we should sing. And they said 'You are crazy, we are at war'. And I said that is exactly why we should sing."
Raja Banout

"Nothing but death and asphalt for miles."
Naomi Klein

"Touching that earth, I thought: she is also in me. We are both part of the same planet. We live the same story."
Sebastião Salgado


Teresa Santos (1985) was born in Vila do Conde. At the age of 5 began her training in classical dance. In 2007 she finished her degree in Dance - Education, by Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa. She is, since then, a teacher in the areas of creative dance and contemporary dance in different spaces and educational contexts. Co-founder of Ventos e Tempestades, she participates in its projects as a creator, performer, teacher and programmer. In 2013 she creates her first solo "uma forma quase cilíndrica" with the direction assistance of Dídac Gilabert and production of the Companhia Ao Vento / Ventos e Tempestades. She collaborates with various artists and structures in dance, circus and performance projects, highlighting: "Dame du Cirque” by (in creation),, "MESA" by Ana Renata Polónia (2014), "You Who Will In No Other Way" by Circumstance (2013), "Solitudes" by Jean Daniel Fricker (2013), "la femme inconnue" by Jean Daniel Fricker (2012), "Limites" by Companhia Ao Vento (2012), "30por1linha" and "O Homem que só pensava em números" by Pedro Carvalho / Companhia Instável (2011), "entre todas as coisas" by Teresa Prima (2010) and "Oxygen" by Ismael Ivo (2010). She is the cofounder and scene photographer of

Artistic and technical sheet

Creation and interpretation Teresa Santos
External look Dídac Gilabert
Original music Jordina Millà
Light design Dídac Gilabert e Teresa Santos
Co-production Grito imagens e Ventos e Tempestades

Duration ≈ 30 minutes ● > 12

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